About me:
Born and raised in little old Vermont, the Shire of the US, my appreciation for storytelling started at a very young age as did my love of fantasy. I live with my beautiful wife, a crazy Boston Terrier, two cats, and some fish. I started this site so I could share some of my opinions and sometimes twisted views on movies, TV, and whatever else comes to mind.

My love of storytelling:
I love movies and TV, I love books, and art, and storytelling in general no matter the format. I believe even bad movies can be entertaining on a weird level. It’s easy to surmise if you have looked over any of the reviews I have written that I mostly stay in the realm of the fantastical whether it be science-fiction, fantasy, or horror. These are the genres I have always enjoyed the most. I do not exclusively stay within these genres but I get the most enjoyment from stories with a fantasy element. This goes for TV as well, I am a long time science-fiction TV junkie starting way back with reruns of the original Star Trek.

My review philosophy:
Why do I write reviews? Because I enjoy it that’s why! I enjoy ranting and raving and I will be more than happy to give you my opinion whether you want it or not. So if you want to read some of my reviews with thoughts and over-analysis on various movies and TV shows that have been  part of my life please feel free.

How I rate movies and TV:
I judge movies and TV shows by what they are I do not lump all of them into the same category and rate how they measure up to one another. I do not judge Friday the 13th the same way I judge Saving Private Ryan. I know Friday the 13th is a brainless unrealistic slasher movie and I judge whether it is a good or bad brainless unrealistic slasher movie. I don’t care how Animal House compares to Citizen Kane or how Hill Street Blues stacks up against Space: 1999. Please keep that in mind if you read any of my reviews. Also please note that none of my reviews are set in stone, they are constantly being revised as I notice something I may have missed or my opinion changes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that my opinion is just as unimportant as all the critics and all the other watchers of the world. It’s my opinion and nothing more, as I said I write these for fun. I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment if I totally screwed something up or you want to share your opinion.

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