Movie Review – Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

1984 Paramount Pictures

Two Stars

Friday the 13th Part 4

Another year and another Friday the 13th movie this time without the extra dimension that part 3 included, back to regular old 2D this time around. As any fan of the series can tell you this wasn’t exactly the final chapter they kind of kept going after this and didn’t stop for quite awhile. Didn’t seem to bother anyone all that much that we were all lied to and told this was it no more Friday the 13th movies after this one. It’s almost like the title was just some gimmicky promotional stunt to get people into the theater. No movie studio would ever sink so low as that would they?

The “Final” Chapter of the epic Friday the 13th opus begins at the house last seen in Part 3. Jason is apparently dead and is hauled away to the morgue at the local hospital. Death is never quite permanent when old hockey head is involved and soon he’s  on the loose again looking for love in all the wrong places. He of course winds up on a collision course with a group of stupid horny teenagers and a man seeking vengeance against Jason for killing his sister. This revenge minded fellow intends on taking Jason down once and for all and putting an end to the mindless killing and mindless movies at the same time! Boy did he ever fail.

Part 4 was the first Friday the 13th movie I saw in the theater. I was too young to see the previous movies, although to be honest that didn’t stop me from seeing other R rated movies in the theater I guess I just never bothered with the first three Friday the 13th movies. I have to say this is not my favorite entry, it lacks some of the fun of the previous movie and takes itself too seriously. I just plain don’t  like most of the characters and I don’t particularly care for the overall tone of this movie for some reason, it feels kind of sleazy to me. It’s not like the other movies in the series are that brilliant this one just bothered me.

On a more positive note the music is still sufficiently creepy and special makeup pioneer Tom Savini returned to create some truly nasty makeup effects. The gore factor is definitely turned up a notch in this installment.

Not the greatest but not the worst in the series. In my opinion the Friday the 13th franchise started its downward slide with this movie and never quite recaptured the fun. Oh well it’s not like I was expecting much in the first place.

The good:


She’s incredibly cute.

The makeup effects are particularly gruesome this time thanks to Tom Savini.




Double ouch!



This effect elicited a great reaction from the audience as Jason’s head slid down the machete.

The not so good:

Holy shit are the characters lame in this movie. I know Friday the 13th is not known for its amazing writing and award winning acting but damn. Teddy and Jimmy are the most annoying of the bunch.


The single most annoying character in any Friday the 13th movie.


Followed closely by Crispin Glover’s character.


Miss sweeter than sugar is way too serious.


This is the worst outfit in any Friday the 13th.


I hate the use of identical twins in entertainment. What a boring gimmick.

The mighty Jason hunter should have made a better showing but he’s as big a dweeb as everyone else in this movie.


What a dork this guy is. He comes to Crystal Lake to avenge the death of his sister. Jason wrecks all his equipment and then kills him with a garden claw while mister mighty does nothing to try to stop Jason from cultivating his torso.

Amazing movie sequences #4: The incredible all knowing Jason!


Jason cleaves Crispin in the kitchen…


…then for some reason goes outside the house and climbs up to a second story window…


…just in time to fling one of the slutbag twins out the window…


…and onto a car that has extremely explosive windows. The twin put on some flesh tone tights before her fall.

Random thoughts and observations:

Tom Savini reportedly agreed to do the makeup effects on this movie so he could kill the character he helped create. Jason unfortunately didn’t stay dead long.

The original idea for the ending was to have Jason get his head trapped in a  microwave and have it go splat. I am glad they didn’t go with that concept.


I used to play Zaxxon on my Colecovision.


Suddenly a man appeared above the lake suspended by wires and with an arrow sticking out of his crotch. Weird.


Nice plastic hammer.


This is the only Friday the 13th movie to film at a location used in the previous movie.


This really should have been the last movie in the series. Jason was hacked to pieces at the end not to mention this is probably the weakest of the movies up to this point…but it made money and money talks.

The evolution of Jason: 


From this…


…to this. Must be something in the water.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review – Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

  1. I should probably be ashamed to say this is my favorite film in the entire Friday The 13th series for some reason, haha; maybe it has something to do with the absurd characters and the exceptional gore, I don’t know. A great review, as always!

    • Nothing to be ashamed of at all, they’re all fun to a certain extent (except for that abomination Jason Goes to Hell). Everyone has their favorite movie in the series, my favorite is Part 3 for some odd reason.

      • Haha, Part 3 is actually my second favorite entry in the series. It seems to be the most intentionally humorous of all the films and everything in it just clicks – the characters, the humor and the overall ridiculousness of it all. I love it!

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