Movie Review – Friday the 13th Part 3

1982 Paramount Pictures

Three Stars

Friday the 13th Part 3Despite critical scorn being heaped upon the Friday the 13th movie series Paramount Pictures continued to crank out a sequel every year. These movies were relatively cheap and made pretty good money so they kept on coming!

This entry in the series begins right after Part 2 ended. Jason has changed his face and his clothes and is looking for just the right face wear to replace his beloved head sack that he abandons at the beginning of this movie for some strange reason. Meanwhile a group of stereotypical characters are making their way to a vacation getaway unaware that Jason is on the prowl for murderous mayhem and cool face gear.

As you may have noticed on the poster a new dimension was added to this Friday the 13th. That’s right it was in 3d! Miraculous, beautiful, extremely gimmicky and silly 3D! In the early eighties 3D made a brief comeback in such classics as Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (Jared-Syn was not destroyed in the movie), Jaws 3D,  Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (with Molly Ringwald no less) and of course this movie. 3D died again shortly after.

Despite the 3D there is really no difference between this movie and the predecessors, it follows the same formula only this time Jason is not the dweeb he was in the last movie. The characters are all pretty dumb and the whole thing has all the redeeming qualities of a swarm of mosquitoes. But fans of horror don’t watch the movies for the redeeming qualities so who the hell cares? Not me I just watch these things because they’re fun (for the most part).

This movie holds a special place in the hearts of Friday the 13th fans because Jason finally dons his infamous hockey mask. Canadians partied for weeks following the release of this movie and still hold Friday the 13th Part 3 Day every year (not really I made that up).

It’s goofy, it’s ridiculous, but it’s fun.

The good:

The incredibly cheesy opening credits. God the eighties were weird!


Jason finally gets some decent head gear. Goodbye sack!
In this scene Jason tries to help a woman after a tragic fireplace poker accident.

Good battle between Jason and Chris, the lone survivor.


This little cutie gives Jason a helluva time.


She stabs his hand…


…stabs his leg…


…bashes him in the nugget with a log…


…almost runs him over…


…hangs him…


…and then plants an axe in his head. Not his day at all!

The not so good:


Not so great 3D. Well it’s great if you like poles and other crap poked in your face.



Lame Crazy Ralph wannabe. There’s no replacing Crazy Ralph. He’s a veritable screen icon I tell you!

Questionable quality on the makeup effects this time around.



Nice fake head. The transition from the real head to the fake head is seamless.

Random thought and observations:


Chris is telling Rick how she encountered a strange man in the woods who tried to kill her. She passed out and when she woke up he was gone? Sounds very unlike Jason.


Mrs. Cosby briefly flirted with gang membership in the early eighties.


Jason seems more confident with the hockey mask. He has a little strut going on after he puts it on.


“Rick, Rick where are you?”



“Oh there you are, help me Rick.”

Favorite kill:


The guy walking on his hands…




…getting split by Jason. Pay no attention to the support rod sticking out of the fake dude.

The evolution of Jason: this. Must be related to the Peacocks.

From this…


…to this. What the hell is there a Dread Pirate Roberts type thing going on here?


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Friday the 13th Part 3

  1. Haha, a nice write-up here. The Friday movies are about as vacuous as horror films can get but they are still a pleasure to watch; part three here is one of my favorites, being more (intentionally) humorous than most of the other films in the series.

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