Movie Review – Friday the 13th Part 2

Paramount Pictures 1981

Two and Half Star

Friday the 13th Part 2

Note the not so clever reuse of the previous poster. Cheap skates.

The first of a seemingly never ending string of sequels Friday the 13th Part 2 introduces us to the man himself; Jason Voorhees, killing machine, fashion god, and master of over fifty implements of death. In this movie we move on from the weirdness that was Mrs. Voorhees and bask in the glory that is Jason, man of action, man of no words, man wearing a pillowcase on his head.

Part 2 starts off with Jason miraculously alive after his bout with drowning. He is now stalking the lone survivor of the first movie and somehow finds out where she lives. After storing a head in her fridge he bumps her off with an ice pick and makes sure her teapot doesn’t start a fire before returning to Crystal Lake. Flash forward five years and a group of people are gathering at a camp dangerously close to the former site of Camp Crystal Lake to learn the mystic arts of the camp counselor. Soon they learn quite a bit about dying as Jason continues the business his momma started. Blood is spilled, boobies are seen, bad acting is rampant, and we learn how politically incorrect Jason truly is!

Friday the 13th Part 2 pretty much sticks to the format of the first movie: introduce characters, kill characters, stalk last character, shock scene at end, roll credits. There is nothing new here except in the way the characters are bumped off. It’s all done in an entertaining sort of way (if you like this demented sort of thing like I do). It looks like the motion picture ratings board demanded a few more cuts than in the first movie. The kills are not quite as bloody but on the plus side there is a nice nude scene. Imagine that, all the prudes must have been in an uproar.

Not a bad entry in the series, not that I really have high expectations for movies like this but surprisingly I have seen some truly awful slasher movies. The fact you can screw up something so formulaic and simple is a true testament to the lack of talent some humans truly possess. Makes me feel much better about myself to tell the truth. Anyhow if you like this sort of thing you could do worse. Have some beer and snacks and have fun with it.

The good:

Nice buns.

Nice buns. Legs too.


The return of Crazy Ralph. He hasn’t aged a day in five years. Hasn’t changed his clothes either.

The not so good:


Some great acting from this dude…not!


Our first view of adult Jason. His wardrobe is not quite there yet.


They killed Crazy Ralph! How could they?

Random thoughts and observations:


At some point Jason trades head sacks. Guess he didn’t like the look of this one.


Much better.


Rubbing a fake machete across someone throat…


…causes a wound to appear a few inches above the point of contact! Amazing!


As I mentioned in my review of Halloween II this movie and Halloween II, both released in 1981, contain a scene where a pudgy policeman/security guard with a mustache gets a hammer in the noggin from behind.

Hammer II

Wham! Right in the nugget!

Favorite kill:

Jason takes out the horny guy in the wheelchair proving he’s an equal opportunity destroyer.



As if getting a machete in the face wasn’t bad enough.

Weakest kills:


We don’t get to see how she kicks the bucket but at least we see her naked.


Oh my god a man with a sack on his head and a toy spear!


Well that was anticlimactic.

The evolution of Jason:

From this...

From this… this. Must be related to the Peacocks.

…to this. Must be related to the Peacocks.

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