Lost Cinema – Twice Upon a Time

In 1983 a clever animated movie called Twice Upon a Time was released, a very limited release, and flopped big time. The studio that distributed it proceeded to go bankrupt and the movie literally disappeared.

Thankfully it showed up on HBO and Showtime some time later and I was lucky enough to catch it (several times actually). After that it made like the Cheshire Cat and vanished again. Due to bitching and whining behind the scenes and various legal battles a somewhat censored version has been seen over the years but if you blinked you probably missed it. From what I have read there are two versions of this movie, one with more adult humor and one without, and a few of the creators have disagreed on which version should be released.

Twice Upon a TimeThis movie has never been released on DVD and was last seen on TV approximately fifteen years ago. This is a movie that needs to be released on Blu-ray. The creators need to settle their stupid dispute and just release it. Put both versions on the disk and let the viewer decide which version they like better. What the hell is the point of spending your time and energy making a movie you won’t let anyone see?

I barely remember the details of the story but I vividly recall the warped sense of humor and weird cut and paste animation style. I also remember enjoying the hell out of it and I would love to see it again. For a summary of the story and the behind the scenes bitch-fest here’s a link to the Wikipedia page: Twice Upon a Time.

Someday I hope they make a decent release of this movie but in the meantime here’s a sample of some of the oddball animation and kooky character design:



I remember this jester character had a high pitched screechy voice and a scene where
he kept saying goodbye as the camera moved further and further away.


I love the color palette in this scene.


Yes it is a strange movie!



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