Movie Review – Darkness Falls

2003 Columbia Pictures

Three Stars

Darkness FallsOver 150 years ago Darkness Falls resident Matilda Dixon was adored by the children of the town, whenever they lost a tooth she would give them a gold coin thus she was nicknamed the Tooth Fairy. After being horribly burned in a fire she became extremely sensitive to light and could only go out at night wearing a porcelain mask to conceal her burns. When two children went missing she was wrongly accused of ill doings and put to death but before she died she put a curse on the town. The missing children turned up safe the next day.

Moving forward to present day we are introduced to a boy that has just lost his last baby tooth and gets traumatized for life when his house is visited by the Tooth Fairy and his mother is brutally murdered. Taken away from town the boy Kyle is haunted by memories of the floating freak. Twelve years later he returns to his childhood home to try and help his friend’s young brother who has also drawn the attention of the bad fairy.

Darkness Falls is a horror movie with a very cool concept that unfortunately is not as well executed as it could have been. Right off the bat I snickered a bit upon learning the town is called Darkness Falls…really…Darkness Falls? Must bring in a lot of tourists. The good thing is this movie has a good cast, creepy atmosphere, and a cool villain. The bad thing is they are not used to their potential because of an inconsistent script that pays no attention to the little details that could have made it great.

I still enjoy even if it’s just for the Tooth Fairy herself. She seems to epitomize the fear kids feel when the lights are turned off and every sound is a terrifying and dark possibility. Too bad this one missed the mark. It came so close.

The good:

The Tooth Fairy, a grim and creepy floating boogywoman wonderfully brought to life by the late great Stan Winston and his crew.


Don’t look behind you.

As is the case with many movies the cast is good just hampered by generic writing that gives their characters little depth.

Some great creepy moments with Matilda watching from the darkness.




The not so good:

As I mentioned above naming the town Darkness Falls is just silly, why would you give a town such an evil sounding name to begin with? Having the Tooth Fairy come out at night and having the town’s name being what it is just is too artificial and coincidental. The modus operandi of the Tooth Fairy is reason enough to call the movie Darkness Falls.

The rules of the the Tooth Fairy:

1. She kills kids that have just lost their last baby tooth.

2. She cannot go into the light.

3. If you see her she will kill you.

Okay those rules are good and create a good foundation to build a story around but the film makers don’t pay enough attention to the rules they created. She is always snatching people out of semi lit areas and the amount of light she can tolerate changes from scene to scene. Also the Tooth Fairy seems to have no qualms about killing anyone not just kids that have just lost their last baby tooth or someone who catches a glimpse of her.


Okay it’s pretty dark.


Lightning flashes, no response from the killer bitch. Guess it doesn’t hurt that bad.


Although she’s very sensitive to light in this scene. Better put some lotion on that.

Random thoughts and observations:

Matilda’s burns were so sensitive even light could hurt her skin. I can’t imagine wearing a mask felt very good.

What is it with ghosts hellbent on revenge? Yes I can understand being pissed off for being blamed for things you didn’t do and being inconveniently executed but why is the creepy flying phantasm taking her revenge on people who had nothing to do with her death (vengeful spirits are dumb).

Over the years how many children did she kill? I would think the number would be quite high and yet Kyle is blamed for his mother’s death. There should be a number of unsolved murders in the town over the years but again no one seems to know a damn thing. Kyle himself mentions this later when he is locked up in the local jail but the stupid hick police refuse to listen. Shortly after he mentions this one of them conveniently looks at a shelf containing a great number of boxes marked “Unsolved Cases”. Good police force.

There are so many missed opportunities, the climax of the movie takes place during a storm with lightning flashing every few seconds; how come the Tooth Fairy is unaffected by this (?), she is hurt by a flashlight and stays away from a green glowstick but not bothered by the very intense light generated by lightning? It would have been cool (and more logical) to hear a scream whenever the lightning flashed.


The intense light from a glowstick is the best defense in cases like this.


Quick get the marshmallows!


Luckily Matilda came equipped with a small thermal exhaust port about 2 meters wide and Kyle just happened to have a proton torpedo on him.


Special appearance by Donald Trump’s brother Spanky Trump.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Darkness Falls

    • I think it’s a really fun movie. I go back and forth on whether to give it two and a half or three stars. I just wish they had paid more attention to their own rules.

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