Movie Review – Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

1991 New Line Cinema

One and Half Star 

No they didn’t save the best for last.

The sixth entry of the Nightmare series brings the story to a close as the creative muse drops dead from a lack of brain activity. As the story opens Freddy has rid Springwood of all those pesky teenagers and children except one. It seems Freddy can’t move beyond the boundaries of Springwood so he plans to use the last teenager to bring his daughter to Springwood so he can use her to escape his prison and keep his killing streak alive. In return she attempts to rid the world once and for all of her murderous father before he takes his rampage on the road. 
To be blunt this movie just plain stinks. There is no rhyme, reason, or logic to much of what happens. First of all there is Springwood, now emptied and barren except for a few loony people here and there. How does the town function? Who knows. In this move Freddy appears to have more control over the real world as he prevents three teens from leaving the city by looping all the roads back into town (or so it seems). Freddy erases the three teens he kills from existence in this movie. Why and how? There are so many illogical story elements it looks to me like they just gathered up a bunch of ideas they had left over and threw them in the script. Judging from the sometimes choppy editing it looks like they may have had to make some cuts due to quality.
It’s too bad that this series could not have ended differently but by the time this movie came out the energy and creativity were gone. This movie suffers from a stupid premise and an equally stupid gimmick with the 3D scene. The cast is okay but Yaphet Kotto does not look comfortable being in an Elm Street movie at all and Robert Englund looks like he was just going through the motions on this one. Not a great way to wrap up the story but by this time the series had degraded to such a low level that this was not totally unexpected. If you must get a Nightmare fix watch the 1st, 3rd, and possibly 5th movies. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, while not officially a Nightmare movie, is a well done take on the story. Stay away from 2 unless you want a laugh, and watch number 4 if you want some music video smoothness.

The good:

The series finally ended. 

The not so good:

In the year 1991 the crime rate rises 400%. The once great town of Springwood becomes the one maximum security prison for the entire country…oops wrong movie.

What is the point of this stupid graphic? Who is tracking data on Springwood some top secret agency?

Stupid and distracting cameos.

Were these really necessary?

 Freddy’s origin just plain sucks.

Just as Fred is about to die he makes a deal to get worms and live forever in the dreamworld.

 Tons of unFreddy like behavior.

Freddy jumps more sharks on a broom.

Freddy plays video games? Just kill the damn kid with your glove you idiot!

Great looney tunes action. The kills in this movie are really dumb.

The 3D sucks.

Put your glasses on now for amazing 3D action.

The ancient dream demon dorky things flying out of the screen!

Things get shoved in your face.

Gloves flying at your face! Watch your girlfriend squirm!

Astounding images galore!

Random thoughts and observations:

It’s interesting that there is no explanation on how Freddy came back to “life” after being trapped by his mother in the last movie. I’m thinking they ran out of ideas to bring him back so decided to skip it.

Maggie grabs Freddy to bring him out of the land of dreams and his head swells. Why didn’t that happen when Nancy did it in the first movie?

Freddy becomes human but can still change his appearance and climb on the ceiling?

Outside of dreams he shouldn’t have any supernatural powers. His powers come from ancient “dream” demons not ancient “reality” demons.

So did Maggie train to be a knife thrower and ninja? Gimme a freaking break.

How come two of the teenagers seem to know how to enter another persons dreams?

The model matches the real deal perfectly except for the scale, details, and lighting.

Super not very lifelike exploding Freddy!

Kapoowy! Freddy’s dead.

Wait a minute. How come these glasses reappear in the real world when they disappeared in the dream world?

 I found it funny how Freddy’s deaths in the previous movies were all more entertaining than his “final” death. I guess they should have saved better ideas for the last movie.

Series Conclusion:
The Nightmare series really changed over its seven year run. Freddy went from a dark and cold blooded killer who killed with his glove to a ridiculous comic figure who thought up silly Willey E. Coyote type ways to take out his victims.

From dark and shadowy…

To this…how awful. Looks like a sissy.

The tone and intention were obviously altered and diluted to bring in a bigger audience and make more money but in the end it killed the series and weakened the impact of the character of Freddy. He became as big a joke as his wisecracks. Like anything which version you prefer is personal choice but I will stick with Freddy as originally intended.


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