Hellraiser: Inferno and Beyond!

2000 – 2011 Dimension Films

Hellraiser: Inferno – Hellraiser: Hellworld

I am writing this as a warning to stay away and don’t waste your time and money with these movies. These are not Hellraiser movies. Taking existing screenplays and inserting Pinhead and a few Cenobites into the stories for a brief cameo does not a Hellraiser movie make.

Hellraiser: Inferno and the following sequels are extremely lame and not very well executed pieces of trash that should have never been made. Like the ridiculous Halloween movies that featured the characters of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis long after they clearly died this is just a stupid attempt to prolong the series and make a buck off from low budget and low integrity horror.
To me Hellraiser began with Hellraiser in 1987 and ended with Hellraiser: Bloodline in 1996. Pinhead was destroyed, the Cenobites were gone, and the story ended. Yes I know Bloodline had quality issues and the movie that was released was far from the original vision but it’s still far better than any of the sequels that followed.
I won’t even go into the details of the stories here seeing as they weren’t even originally intended to be Hellraiser movies in the first place. I will only say that they fit into the Hellraiser mythology about as well as a square peg fits in a round hole.
I don’t care if Doug Bradley is in it or if Ashley Laurence shows up or if there are new Cenobites with cool makeup it does make it a Hellraiser movie.  I feel bad that Bradley and Laurence had to lower themselves to such levels of crapulence to make some money. I guess that’s one of the hazards of being an actor and I know they need to eat but I still feel bad for them.

Please do yourself a favor and stay far away from anything after Hellraiser: Bloodline.

Hellraiser: Revelations

I have not seen this and I probably will not see it unless I catch it for free someday when I have nothing better to do (lets hope not). This is a sequel that was rushed out the door supposedly so Dimension Films could retain the rights to keep making even more horrible Hellraiser movies. That’s certainly an excellent reason to make a movie. Just looking at the DVD artwork with the new Pinhead makes me cringe. He looks like he is sitting on the can trying to squeeze one out. Be careful big guy you might loosen your nails.

Hellraiser: The Remake

I read that Clive Barker is working on a remake of Hellraiser and  just wanted to say for the love of god Mr. Barker we don’t need a remake. The original is just fine thank you very much.


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