Movie Review – Hellraiser: Bloodline

1996 Dimension Films
Two Stars
The last official Hellraiser movie in my opinion. I don’t consider any of the movie that follow to be worth the time and effort. Considering the studio didn’t even bother writing actual Hellraiser screenplays but took existing stories and just added Pinhead they didn’t seem to want to take any time or make any effort either.
Most Hellraiser fans already know the story behind this entry in the series. Kevin Yagher was attempting to direct a movie that told the story of the creator of the original Lament Configuration and his descendants but was constantly in conflict with the studio idiots who just wanted to get to Pinhead and forget about all that story crap. The result is exactly what you would expect, a freaking mess that clocks in at an amazing 80 minutes.

It’s a shame because what is here is not that bad it’s just disjointed and lacks depth simply because the story was hacked into something it shouldn’t have been. I would love to see a restored version although from information I have read a lot of the intended story was never even filmed after Yagher left the production.
So here is my review of the movie that is and not the movie that could have been.
Hellraiser: Bloodline tells the story of Phillip L’Merchant and his descendants down through the centuries and into the future. Phillip was a talented toymaker contracted to create the first Lament Configuration centuries ago. He thought of it only as a puzzle box and did not suspect what it would be used for. The intention of the box is made sort of clear when it is used in a brutal ceremony that brings a demon into our world to take the body of a murdered and skinned prostitute. After Phillip witnesses this hellish scene he attempts to design a way to undo what the box has done (or something like that) After Phillip is unfortunately murdered we skip forward in time as the Merchant descendants attempt to stop Pinhead and Angelique by using Phillip’s design along with lasers, mirrors, and squiggly lines. Epic stuff to say the least.
As I said what is here is not bad but it’s easy to tell there was far more intended for the story. The lack of depth makes this interesting only as a curiosity as to what could have been and a bit of fun for the Pinhead moments. Good going you clever movie studio executives (morons).

Excellent. Always a sign of quality.

Pinhead in spaaaaaaace..

The good:

I like the intention of this move. The previous Hellraiser movies were entertaining but left so many questions about the origin of the box, Leviathan, and the Cenobites that it would have been wonderful to finally fill in the details.

Angelique has nice boobies.

The new Cenobite designs are cool. All two of them. Three if you count the demon dog.

Interesting new Cenobites, much better than part III. Is there a leather shop in Hell?

Pinhead’s dog Ralph.

At least we get an explanation for the building seen at the end of Hellraiser III.

The squiggles take care of Pinhead.

Nice kill.

The not so good:

  • Pinhead calls Angelique “Princess”. This is a reference to an earlier version of the screenplay when her character was the one who contracted to have the Lament Configuration created. As it stands now it makes it a bit of a mystery why Pinhead calls her this.

Merchant’s wife has no experience with the box yet after playing with it for two seconds seems to know exactly what to do with it. Does the thing have instructions printed on the bottom? Of course even though she supposedly sends the doggy back to hell it still is on the station? So what the hell happened? Who knows.

Pinhead is easily distracted by the image of Earth on the view screen. How did Merchant know he would be so drawn to it? Also what is with Pinhead’s makeup? He looks like he has an infection. The red was not there earlier in the movie.

Could they have made these two anymore annoying?

Random thoughts and observations:

So what was the intention of this Pinhead killer device anyway. Did it just kill Pinhead and the other Cenobites onboard the station or did it permanently close the door to Hell? Did it destroy Leviathan and any other demons that might be lurking in Hell?

Kim Myer’s has an amazing knack for showing up in sub par sequels.


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