Movie Review – A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge

1985 New Line Cinema

Two Stars

Ah nothing like the financial success of a horror movie to ensure a quickly produced sequel. Even though Wes Craven intended the first movie to be a one time only thing its popularity sent dreams of dollar signs floating through New Line Cinema’s offices. The result was A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge.

The sequel picks up five years after the events of the first movie as we are introduced to a family that has moved into the Elm Street address where Nancy previously battled Freddy. They must have gotten one hell of a deal on the property. The story follows the teenage son Jesse as Freddy first haunts his dreams and then takes possession of his body to wreak havoc on the world once more.

Being a fan of the first movie I was disappointed in this one. This movie strays from the original premise of Freddy too much for my taste. The changes are not for the better and are also not explained. This is not really a continuation of the story from the first movie but rather a stand alone entry that has little connection to the first movie or any of following sequels.
Without a doubt A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 wins the award for the oddest entry in the Elm Street series. I can still remember my puzzled reaction after seeing this and witnessing the bizarre bird attack and shower scene for the first time.

There is some fun to be had in the special effects and makeup departments but there are far too many WTF moments to truly consider this a good movie.  It’s too bad they didn’t take a little longer on the script to this movie. It’s actually well made with a good cast it’s just the story is not consistent with the first movie. There’s enough good Freddy moments to make it worth watching just fast forward through the weird stuff.

Boy they really couldn’t decide what style to use on the titles. Nasty!

The Good:

Speed 3: Freddy’s Revenge Again!

  • The acting is improved for the most part over the first movie.
  • The part where Grady gets sliced through the door is a winner. Actually the door gets sliced through Grady.
  • Freddy at least remains a dark and shadowy figure in this movie even though he changes his method of mayhem. Actually he is just plain cold and ruthless in this movie.
  • The music score by Christopher Young is very good it just needed the Nightmare theme from the first movie integrated here and there.

The Not So Good:

  • Why did they change Freddy’s modus operandi? In the beginning of the movie Freddy is haunting Jesse’s dreams but suddenly the movie shifts gears and he uses Jesse’s body to come into the real world. Freddy also no longer hunts the Elm Street kids in dreamland but instead seems to be killing random people in the real world.
  • Freddy seems to have more control over the real world with his ability to lock doors, start fires, shoot sports equipment, and whip asses with towels. What the heck did he need Jesse for if he could control things to the extent he does here?
  • Jesse is just not that compelling and is not a strong protagonist for Freddy; if he had fought Freddy’s take over attempt earlier and more aggressively I might have liked the character a little more.
  • Freddy interrupts Jesse and Lisa before we get to see her naked. Inexcusable.

What a cutie. Freddy’s such an idiot.

  •  What is with the scene where the pet bird goes berserk and then explodes? Did Freddy possess the parakeet? That scene should have never been filmed.

The broom. There is no defense.

This ultra realistic animatronic bird cost them over $2.00

  • The scene where the kinky gym teacher gets his bare ass snapped by towels after being tied up in the school shower with jump ropes is without doubt the strangest scene in any Nightmare.

First they’re on the left hand.

Now they’re on the right hand. She’s quick. What are the odds of these being the toy in the cereal box at the same time that Freddy is haunting her brother?

Favorite Kill:

Ferris Bueller’s dad watches in horror as Grady is grated.


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