Hollywood Movie Marketing or: What the Hell Are These People Looking At?

Over the years I have noticed a common theme in how Hollywood markets family friendly movies. In many of the movie posters there is a strange inclination by the marketing people to show the cast staring off into the distance with cringe inducing smiles or far away thoughtful looks.

For example:

Note the non threatening passive looks and the golden hues and earth tones. Makes you just feel all warm and fuzzy. None of the actors are looking directly at the camera instantly lowering the intensity level of the image. It’s like walking down the street and not making eye contact with anyone.
Of course my question is what the hell are they looking at? A happy and prosperous future? Naked elves? Pink elephants? I can understand why the actors are looking up in the poster for October Sky seeing as the movie is about developing rocket technology but I don’t recall reading about rockets being used in any of these other movies.
Maybe someone should make a movie explaining what they’re looking at, why Jim Carrey looks about 60 years old and radioactive, and what caused Kurt Russell to go insane.


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