Movie Review – Tangents/Time Chasers

1994 Edgewood Studios

As a Vermonter it pains me greatly to think that this travesty was let loose upon the world by another Vermonter. On behalf of the residents of Vermont not involved in the making of this movie I apologize and wish you a quick recovery from the trauma caused by viewing Tangents/Time Chasers. If you haven’t watched this movie yet then don’t even think about doing so. If you see this movie in the bargain bin quietly take it out and discreetly stomp on it.

I will briefly sum up the story – Good guy invents a time machine that consists of a Commodore 64 computer and an airplane. Bad guy buys the time machine and tries to use it for nefarious purposes. There that’s all the time I want to take with the summary.
To put it bluntly this movie is an embarrassment on every level. The first and foremost thing that comes to mind when watching this is what the hell was David Giancola thinking trying to make a somewhat ambitious time travel movie on a shoestring budget? A time travel story on a budget could be done but not like this. If your idea of the future consists of a building with a plaque on it, people wearing fluorescent clothing, and a brief view of a future cityscape made with an Atari computer then this movie is for you but for the other 7 billion people on the planet this sucks. How could any director not see the horridness of the main villain or the hilarity of the short plump lackey wearing the pink suit? How could they not see the illogic in creating a time machine out of an airplane? What if the plane runs out of fuel in a time before airplane fuel was created? If you fly into the future do you really think an airport is even going let a plane land without a flight plan or registration? They might but I’m sure there will be someone waiting to arrest you when you land. What if you materialize in the path of another plane or in the middle of a storm? How the hell do you create a time machine using a Commodore 64 computer anyway? It’s abundantly clear that not much thought went into this movie. The casting is a joke, the story is a joke, the attempt to make the most of the non-budget is a joke, the telephone tone music score is a joke, the wardrobe is a joke, the choice of locations is a joke. See the pattern? Stay far away unless you are watching the Mystery Science 3000 gang give this movie the thrashing it deserves.
Random thoughts and observations:
  • Many reviews of Tangents that I have read say viewers should cut this movie some slack, that the makers were too ambitious with the scope considering the budget. Sorry but no slack cutting from me. If you don’t know what you can and can’t plausibly do within your budget you should not even bother trying to make a movie intended for release.

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