Movie Review – Star Trek: Nemesis

2002 Paramount Pictures

Two Stars

The Star Trek movie franchise, after twenty-three years and nine movies, sputters, stalls, and grinds to a halt with the final entry in the Next Generation series, Star Trek: Nemesis. Trying to recover from the lackluster crud that was Insurrection this tenth movie is a victim of poor writing and an amazing lack of focus.

Nemesis trips out of the starting gate with the crew of the Enterprise discovering Data’s dimwitted android brother named B4 who is found scattered over the surface of a backwoods planet. Road warrior type baddies chase the Enterprise crew in all-terrain vehicles as they attempt to gather all the body parts. The less said about this part of the movie the better, it’s not particularly well done and should be forgotten to avoid undo trauma. Meanwhile on Romulus and Remus there are dark doings as a young clone of Picard takes over the government and heads off to earth in his very cool looking ship to destroy all life on the Earth, how dastardly, how original, yawn.
You know a movie has issues when a mean looking spaceship is the best part even if it is CG. There is not much to make this movie stand out, the cast is good but the story is lame and a little far-fetched. The movie looks nice from a design perspective if maybe a little too dark in tone and feel. There are of course inconsistencies with the TV series yet again; do the people making these movies actually remember the series? I seem to remember Picard did indeed have hair at the academy but not in this movie. The requisite end of movie space battle is okay but not terrific and Data’s grand sacrifice was done far better by Spock twenty years ago in a little movie called Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Nemesis is probably the last we will see of the Next Generation crew. With the exception of First Contact their movies have never worked quite as well as those of the original cast. However it’s too bad they couldn’t have gone out on a higher note.

The good:

The Romulan battle ship is cool.

Nice wardrobe designs.

The not so good:

Was there a point in having a clone of Picard as the main bad guy. He wasn’t even really a clone just some guy with similar genetic material who turned out totally different. Odd choice!

The whole Earth is in jeopardy thing is pretty worn out.

The death of Data has no emotional impact. It’s amazing to think they managed to kill off one of the most popular characters without causing at the very least a small reaction in the fans but I have never heard of anyone who thought it was well done.

Random thoughts and observations:

Holy crap Riker finally accepted a command of his own. Two weeks before retirement age. Go Riker!

Was Gates McFadden in this movie?

Good construction on the Enterprise E, I like how the metal walkway collapses during the fight with Riker and the evil henchman near the end.


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