Movie Review – Predator

1987 Twentieth Century Fox

Three and Half Star
Predator is not going to win any awards for intelligence but it does entertain big time. Before Arnie became a goofy politician he did manage to make quite a few good movies and this is one of his best. Set in a steamy rainforest Predator cast he of the barrel chest as Dutch, the commander of an elite rescue team sent in to rescue some important cabinet members who crashed in their “choppa”. Dutch and his macho “I could kill a whole platoon with my big toe” types find more than they bargained for when they encounter the Predator. Yes just in time for their little rescue an outer space hunter decides that its time to bag some humans and sooner then you can say “Everyone will die but the hero and the girl” the hunter is taking out the puny girly men who forgot to pack their infrared-block.
This movie is full of classic moments and the characters are surprising well played for a movie of this type. Arnold, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves, R.G. Armstrong, and Shane Black are all wonderful and create distinct characters instead of the usual generic big tough guys. The action, except for the idiotic and budget challenged rescue scene, is very cool. Jesse’s portable weapon of mass destruction is awesome and the Predator costume designed by Stan Winston is incredible. Alan Silvestri delivers a terrific music score and John McTiernan’s direction is right on the money. Predator is one of my favorite and most quoted ‘80’s action movies.
The good:
Great cast. Not great actors but perfect for their roles.
The Predator. Terrific design by Stan Winston and crew. Well played by Kevin Peter Hall.

The late Kevin Peter Hall as the Predator.

I like the fact they don’t show the Predator clearly until one hour and seven minutes into the movie. This is called suspense, it’s a lesson many a filmmaker needs to learn.
Awesome music score by Alan Silvestri.

This scene was awesome in the theater.

The not so good:
The reuse of footage during the battle in the compound.

This guy gets to die twice! In the same way!

Three seconds later it happens again. I mean what are the odds?

Carl Weather’s arm is obviously still attached.Random thoughts and observations:
If I am ever taken hostage I do not want Dutch and his band of trigger-happy knuckle heads rescuing me. After their thorough five-second reconnaissance of the militant’s compound they blow just about the entire place to hell. Yo dudes you might want check to see if there are any hostages inside a building before you blast it into oblivion.

A hostage might have been in there!

Or there.

Just about anywhere. I’m surprised anything was left standing.

Are they a rescue team or demolition crew?

Not the choppa!

It’s funny how they kill everyone else but only wound Anna. What luck!

Thank god they didn’t use the ridiculous costume that Jean Claude Van Damme wore in his short stint as the Predator, without a plausible alien this movie would fall apart.

The original Predator.

Note the shape and color of the eyes.  Was this supposed to be the first design?

Look out, he’s shooting a thingy!

Is that what this is supposed to be that hits the sexual tyrannosaurus?

Starts off facing to the left…

…then manages to turn around as it gets squished. Tricky those little scorpions, they just love to mess with continuity.

What the hell is a billage?

“We’re all going to die.” Billy thanks for the encouraging words. We all needed a good pep talk!


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