The Following Movie Has Been Rated R.

So I recently watched the movie Predators and when I went onto Netflix to rate it I noticed a review of the movie giving it 1 star out of 5. The following reason was given for the low rating: They couldn’t get past the “f” words every two minutes. Their preteen son was not able to enjoy it because of the language and they were disgusted.
Now not being a parent I am not sure if something happens to your brain when you have children to make you dense and utterly clueless? Maybe someone could enlighten me on this? Also maybe someone could explain why parents rent R rated movies for their young children and then complain about the violence, language, nudity, etc. It’s rated R for a reason, R means Restricted for younger viewers not Required for kids to watch!
It made me wonder if these people had allowed their son to watch the original Predator in all its violent and potty mouthed glory, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem or any of the Alien movies? If they had they would notice a trend with both the Alien and Predator movies specifically linked to their pathetic objection listed above.
If they want their son to watch any of the Predator movies then I would recommend the first Alien vs. Predator seeing as it’s the most kid friendly of the bunch and features toned down language and beautifully unrealistic CG blood.
When renting in the future I hope they look at that little icon that denotes the rating awarded the movie by the MPAA. It’s there for a reason.

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