Movie Review – The Changeling

1980 Warner Bros

Four Stars

Subtlety is not something you find in a lot of horror movies made today. The style tends to be in your face as gore flies in all directions and film editors use the attention deficit disorder style of editing to pick up the pace.

The Changeling is a horror movie that doesn’t need all the gimmicks to elicit a state of fear in the minds of the viewer. This movie is a textbook example of how to scare people without slaughtering characters every two minutes or flashing disturbing images every three milliseconds for shock value. This is a good old fashioned ghost story with tons of spine chilling moments and some great acting. I am not going into any details because this movie should be watched with no foreknowledge of the story or little moments that make it so damn scary. Suffice to say that this is a great movie to watch in a dark house late at night as the w-ind blows through the trees and thunder rumbles in the distance.
Some creepy stuff:

This house doesn’t look like it could be haunted. Not one bit.

If I discovered a room like this in a house I moved into I would be in the next state by morning.

I never thought I could be so creeped out by a child’s rubber ball.


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